Nick Lemmon

C++ | Unreal | Unity

Email: nicklemmon @

Discord: NickTheSic#3677


Programmer - RealmBrewer - 2021

Mythiary Studios - Unreal Engine 4 - C++ & Blueprints

  • Worked with previous established code base

  • Implemented bug fixes and tweaks to existing code

  • Developed and integrated a new gameplay system with networking support

  • Received feedback, modified code and improved upon previous iterations

Student Program Assistant - 2021

Algonquin College

  • Held virtual meetings to assist students with their studies

  • Assisted students in their understanding of programming & object oriented concepts

  • Debugged student code to help them achieve their goals

  • Worked with a variety of students of varying skill levels with unique projects

Programmer - Stellar Fever - 2020 - 2021

Quarantine Games - Unreal Engine 4 - C++

  • Created a Playable character that can interact with the game world

  • Implemented 4 unique special abilities with those characters

  • Networked the playable character

  • Incorporated player animations in blend spaces and state machines

  • Implemented a Main Menu that allowed users to chose to start a single or multiplayer game

  • Implemented an Options Menu that allowed users to change Resolution and Quality settings

  • Used the Game Instance and Networking Subsystem so players could host games with their friends over the steam network

  • Implemented a dynamic Player Select menu that showed other players which character had already been selected

  • Created a Editor Only source folder to incorporate Functional Tests and other debug code so it wouldn't interfere with the build

Programmer - Pirate Ship Puzzles - 2020

Personal Project - Unity 3D - C#

  • Developed a simple and reusable mechanic that was highly expandable

  • Created a simple level editor within Unity to rapidly create levels

  • Designed the 3D models and 2D assets

  • Released on Google Play and working prototype on Nintendo 2DS


Game Development - Advanced Diploma 2018 - 2021

Algonquin College - 3.85 GPA - Honours

  • Developed, debugged and modified code to meet project specifications

  • Learned fundamentals of game design, game development and C++

  • Gained extensive knowledge with Visual Studio, Unreal and Unity

  • Applied AI and networking strategies to support real time games.

  • Created an OpenGL and DirectX 12 rendering framework

  • Developed an application using QT

  • Created 2D promotional art in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Contributed code to group projects and modified it based on team feedback

  • Applied game design elements to support the creation and development of games

  • Conceived, prototyped, developed and tested procedures for creating games in a group environment


  • Visual Studio

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Unity

  • Git

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Assembla

  • Github

  • Plastic SCM

  • Rider for Unreal


Game Jams

2-7 Day long jams

  • Rapidly prototyped mechanics and levels

  • Developed modular systems

  • Learned how to scope a small project and break it down into small and achievable tasks


  • Learned skills in teamwork and practice

  • Loaded and unloaded sound equipment

  • Planned trips to venues and gear sharing


Email: nicklemmon @

Discord: NickTheSic#3677