Collection of programming projects

Programs in C++ & C#

Using Visual Studio, Unity & Unreal


Path of Titans - Programmer


  • Implemented save system that worked on consoles and passed console guidelines

  • Assisted in researching game hitches and file corruption in Unreal Engine 5

Tribes of Midgard - Programmer


  • Improved a specific scene in the game by 3ms

  • Minor bug fixes

Stellar Fever - Programmer


  • Programmed & networked the Player

  • Designed the Main Menu & logic

Pirate Ship Puzzles - Developer


  • Designed game & released on google play

Puzzle Solver - Programmer


  • Developed a C++ dll and imported it to Unity with a C# wrapper

Champion of the Crypt - Programmer


  • Designed 6 unique boss fighting styles

  • Developed a simple map editor to create a unique battle field for each boss

Card Shark at the Casino - Programmer


  • Created a playable character

  • Programmed basic AI

The Heart of Ice TD - Programmer


  • Developed a grid system that allows for tower placement & Controls AI movement

  • Designed the gameplay, Towers, Enemies and the shop system

Black Eye Galaxy - Programmer


  • Implement C++ code and exposing it all to Blueprints so the designers can design and program in the Blueprint Event graph using my C++ code

Read em'n'Reap - CGX Grad Jam


  • Implemented a poker style combo system to get poker hand.

  • Used delegates to send off various events as they happened

  • Created various UI systems that used the combo system to show your cards and combos, as well as a scoring system.

Suitable Hosts - UI Programmer


  • Implemented a Camera System to move and view the world

  • Implemented UI to infect and understand the communities responses to the player

SFUI - UI Programmer


  • Tested out UMG features; such as animations

  • Implemented a player select using the game instance