Stellar Fever

A Co-op survival game based around keeping your ship together as you deliver much needed supplies to the planets 

Stellar Fever is a multiplayer co-op survival game made in Unreal Engine 4 with a team of 10 people. 


Full game playthrough by developers

Promotional Material Created by the Art Team

In the distant future, Humanity has reached the stars… But that’s about all that’s changed. With humanities' infinite hubris, a deadly virus has swept across its ever-expanding empire. It’s up to the newly formed “Express Delivery” division of the Space Postal Service to deliver vaccines to outposts in need. Keep the ship running, “take care” of intruders, and save the galaxy from microscopic evil! 

Take on a slew of enemy types that work together that ensure that you can't punch out before 5!

Plot out your journey across the stars to deliver vaccines for a deadly virus!

Follow SPS-branded policies to repair your SPS-branded Class C StarFreighter afloat!

Work alone -- or with your fellow SPS co-workers -- to save the Human Empire and possibly earn your bonus! Possibly!

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